2015 year in review

I will backlog this post after I post 2016 year in review.

I am so late on this but I’ve haven’t blogged so much in 2015 on account of being lazy…..and prego. You can view the other years over here: 2014, 2013, 2012 or 2011!

Started the new year with another win of Female Gaymer of the Year. Like I’ve said before – we are so lucky to have met so many awesome gaming friends!!! We also went to the first ever PAX South! Got to finally meet fellow gamer and blogger CAT!! She also lives in Texas and we always try to meet up and cons and so it was awesome that we finally did in San Antonio! She posted this pic of us!!! We also got to meet Randy Pitchford from Gearbox. We love Gearbox and Borderlands so this was really awesome!

Monster Hunter 4 came out in the states! We got the game for ourselves as a Valentine gift! MH is one of those games that we just adore – it is one of our favorite games.

Kite Festival in Houston! What a beautiful weekend festival. We made our own kites with our friends!! We all made Monster Hunter themed kites!!! You can
read the DIY instructions and more pictures over here!

Our friends were in a charity drag show! I posted about their first show in 2014 and they did it again with amazing new looks! Our friends make pretty performers!

Kat had her bday at our parents house! We also adopted a puppy as a gift to my mother-in-law. Her Scottish terrier passed away and so we adopted her this adorable To-to look alike from the local Houston shelter. She is just amazingly sweet!!!

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Geeky Pen Pals

Have you guys ever exchanged letters with a pen pal? My sister’s post about writing to a friend made me want to look for a new pen pal. I had a scrap book pen pal a few years ago and we became moms around the same time. We now keep up via social media so not much letter exchanging.

A few years ago I started a visual kei/jrock blog pal group on a websites I used to run. We had about 300 people signed up and I would have to figure out how to set people up by favorite groups and age. It was alot of work! I thought about starting something similar to that up again but with something more boarder like geek fandoms.

I went searching online and found a group like this already existed, and they had been around for awhile.

The site is called International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club or IGGPPC for short. I just signed up, and was recently paired with another girl. I’m also involved in a card swap with some fellow geeks!  I’m pretty excited to see how this goes, I might not always be able to write other ladies as often as I like but sending out happy mail will be awesome. I have also been working on making my own stationary. We’ll see how this goes! Do you guys send snail mail?

Edit: here are my first letters I sent off! I also included sailor scout charms!!!

Miyavi coming back to Houston

Who knew that Miyavi would come back after so many years ago? I used to follow visual kei and jrock heavy back in the day. I even help create one of the popular vk news site back in 2006-2012. I fell out of vk after I got married but still went to local lives to bands who would visit Texas cons, like Nightmare!

I have some friends who are super excited about Miyavi coming back to Houston so and I just bought my ticket to the show! Its going to be fun!

I miss the old days when I knew most vk bands who were in the scene, now there are so many new groups who are way younger than me! I miss those old livejournal days, with graphics, music and all friends who wrote in online journals waaaaay before the coined term “blog”.

BRB – loading up my old vk playlists…



Planner obsessed

A new little planner shop opened in Houston, it’s called A Little Craft Place. They sell awesome washi from Japan and France, some Carpe Diem and Webster’s Pages planners. Have no idea what those words meant? I didn’t either, until my sister Kim took me to the world of planners! Let’s roll back – in 2015 I bought us these Russell+Hazel binders so we can organize our notes and calendars for Mind Speaks.

I created inserts and calendars for the binders but they were only 1 inch and we couldn’t seem to fit in everything we needed. So we used these for awhile. If you look through our Mind Speaks Instagram, you can see videos of the inserts I made.

Fast forward to September 2016. Kim’s bday – she wanted to visit the store I was describing above. As a bday gift, I got her the A5 mint. After browsing the store I noticed the other colors they had, if you know us…we are very weak with colors and matching. I ended up buying Kat and myself planners as well. It was crazy but they called out to me!! Kim got a mint A5, Kat a pink one and I got the teal.

A5 is the size I was used to with my binder but the rings hold way more! I started to work on some insert designs for the planners! The calendar pdf is free to download over here. IF you rather have the calendar and inserts printed and cut already you can get those from our etsy store over here.

So far, these planners are awesome – if you want an A5 but the Webster’s price is too much, Michael’s made some amazing A5 planners by their Recollections brand! If I didn’t buy the Webster’s I would have been all over these!! Awesome price as well – and if you get a 50% coupon with Michael’s…..BOOM! Even better!

Do any of you use planners? What is your favorite layout or set up?

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