Year in review: 2011 Edition

I figured since I didn’t really update much in 2011 I SHOULD try and do a year in review thingy – mah thingy! I need and will update this blog more in 2012 – because I need to document wedding ideas and progress and I need to actually make use of the hosting/domain costs I spend every month *dies* XD;;;;;;;;;

OK Here we go! Click below for the full post!

January 2011
We bought in the new year with our first BIG party at our new town home. Friends, food and drinks…oh boy the drinks! Jody had waaay too many shots and didn’t wake up until 4pm the next day and had a hangover. We had a few friends like Emily and Haley spend the night. I tried to watch the human centipede but fell asleep before any of the weird shit.

February 2011
Valentine’s day! I tried to be a romantic and planned a whole day around Jody – I designed and mod podge these labels with a drawing I did of us.

In return he took me to Kemah Boardwalk and let me feed the sting rays!

March 2011
Jody and I had our first real future talk and discussed marriage. In that tone, we did the 2011 ring race. Running around answering clues and doing a scavenger hunt all for a 15,000 engagement ring! We came in around 5th place but we had tons of fun! I was sore for about 3 days with all of that running!

April 2011
Jody turned 29 – so Kim and I made him a full dinner with rolls, goyza and rice! Super yummy, and thanks to Kim for learning how to roll sushi rolls!!!

May 2011
First off – Jody proposed to me on May 8th.

Kat turns 18 and finishes up high school!! I made her grad and party invites! So proud of Kathy – she is so freaking cute!

June 2011
A-kon. Got to meet D and sit with them (I need to recover my audio files of the interview since my pc died -_-;) The band is probably one of the nicest bands I have ever meet and they were really grateful at the many fans who came to Dallas. They kept asking me “really they came just for us? We would have came to America sooner if we knew!!!” Seriously see them if you can.

July 2011
Beginning of the month I said fuck it and left my job of 5 years!!! Crazy? Perhaps but those of you who know me – knew that job was so stressful. I turned 26 and vanished for a week in New Orleans with Jody. For the first time I rested and got to really enjoy some time off. You can read more over here.

August 2011
I started to work at Paper Source part time. Jody and I started Domo Box and gain 3 major clients. We learn so much within this time, clients can be fickle and some can even be hard to please. One of my favorite clients is the dental group we work with from Florida. Lovely folks! Jody and I collab on our first project together: a video for Hughes Hangar.

September 2011
STAR WARS exhibit!!!!! Kim turns 22 so we took her to the greatest museum exhibit ever – enjoyed the whole day with fellow fans and ran around the park with Yoda.

Dad also turned 50, we threw a nice big bash in his honor!

October 2011
HALLOWEEN! The 5 of us (Kim, Kat, Jody, Emily and myself) decided on a theme – fairy tales! Kim is red riding hood – Kat is little bo peep – Emily was goldie locks – I was alice and Jody was the mad hatter! Kudos to Kim for making our costumes and Kat for baking so many treats!!

November 2011
Thanksgiving and yum yum food! It was a nice peaceful time to reflect on this year and all of the changes. Jody’s biggest client can’t afford us anymore. We worry for a nano second but then I was offered a job as a marketing director at another real estate office while Jody gets a teaching job at a local college. We are seriously blessed!

December 2011
Christmas time! We spend some quality time with friends, family and get to be lazy for a bit before the new jobs start. Emily gets her masters and lots of love going around!

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  1. Carol Said:

    on January 2, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    Hello Mija! 😀 First off, Happy new year!!!
    Congratulations on your wedding! Oh maybe soon to be bride ;D
    your 2011 had been really busy too! Thank you for dropping by and your comments! Cya around! 😀

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