true blood – design campaign is genius!

Okay for those of you who have HBO – there is a new show coming on tomorrow called True Blood. It looks kinda cheesy but then I started to notice ALL the advertising they have been doing for the series. I actually love when a concept becomes so huge its like a campaign! Okay so here is the official site. You can follow one of the “blogger’s” from the show here. If you look around New York you can see their promo posters around the city – this is for Tru Blood, a fictional Japanese drink that is used by the vampires on the tv show.

its pretty great to see they went so far with the posters! But wait there is more! Looking for love with a human or vampire?? You can sign up and find your mate or a one night “fang bang” at Lovebitten!

Of course since the show focuses on how the vampires came out of the coffin that there has been racism against this race – they even have their protective league. American Vampire League uses the tagline – VAMPIRES WERE PEOPLE TOO. And since there is a group that protects Vampires – there had to be one against them. Fellowship of the Sun is like a crazy Christian group that is trying to keep vampires away from mortals.

And this is just part of their campaign – you can find blood copy on myspace, facebook, twitter, youtube, and even on here at livejournal!

This series is from the minds of Six Feet Under, which is a show I used to LOVE!! So you can probably expect the same drama, weirdness and dark comedy as SFU.

I really really wish I had HBO so I can see this, hope someone posts episodes on a torrent or streaming somewhere because after looking more into the show, it now looks pretty interesting!

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  1. Kimmy Said:

    on September 12, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Hey I am commenting right now. Because umm you told me to.
    Hey did you send me a birthday comment? NOOOOOOOO you did not. lol

    Just kidding it wasn’t a very happy birthday anyway.


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