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We came back from our weekend in Boston. It was amazing, but being from Texas we kept hearing “why don’t you have a drawl” ^^; Funny how people think folks from Texas sound like cowboys. Boston is a city that has so much history, the small side roads have cobble stone, the doors and street lights still look vintage. I live in Houston – it is an urban sky scraper, concrete city with horrible public transportation. Boston had amazing subway and bus systems. It was really an amazing city to explore!

Our main reason for going was to see Yui get married!!! Yui has been my friend I met online forever ago when I first started college – I think we met online in 2005? We’ve met in person only 3 times total making Boston the 4th time we’ve been able to actually talk face to face. She is one of those friends you can not talk to for months and months and somehow it feels natural to meet up again and just feel awesome!

Her wedding was held at a wild life reserve – AMAZING!!! I really love outdoor weddings in cities that have great weather. Her dress was so pretty and unique and she wore this elegant red bird cage veil. I got alittle emotional seeing Yui and Luke tie the knot…I am really happy for them and so honored I could be a part of their happy day!

yui-marriage yui2 yui3
yui4 yui5 yui6

OK so we can’t talk about Boston without talking about CHEERS!! We went to the Cheers bar than influenced the show I grew up with. Food was normal bar food but seriously you can go to Boston without eating and drinking at this place. Very touristy but just so cool. We went to Beacon Street which had an amazing mixture of old and new. We also found the memorial square they have for the victims of the Boston bombings.

Cheers Bad boston1 Cheers
boston5 boston4 boston3

We really loved the city and will definitely come back!!!


  1. Cat Said:

    on September 7, 2013 at 3:27 pm

    haha, I think it’s funny how people expect all Texans to have that stereotypical accent. I definitely don’t have it!

    That’s awesome that you went to seen an online friend get married! I did the same recently when I went to California 🙂 Yui’s wedding looks beautiful!

    I like how different Boston feels compared to Texas cities too. I go there every year for PAX East now 🙂 I just wish PAX East wasn’t in the winter though. It’s so cold there at that time!


    Mija Reply:

    @Cat, I don’t think I have an accent…..but people always suspect Texans have southern drawls XD;;;

    <3 It was really amazing!!! I saw your cali pics…it is so awesome to be able to be close to online friends for so long!!

    We are playing Assassin Creed III and most of it is in Boston and we kept thinking "OH Conner was here before!!" It was breezy and we went in late June!!! I can't imagine going in the winter.


  2. Vivian Said:

    on November 10, 2013 at 8:00 pm

    I get asked the “why don’t you have a Texan accent” all the time too. Ironically, I went to college in Boston, and upon my return, all my Texas friends remarked that I had a northeast accent D: Definitely love the city and considering returning for a job in the future. At the same time, I kind of want to experience living in a ton of cities.


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