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2016 year in review

I’ll backlog this post soon. 2016 was totally amazing, but exhausting and sad all at the same time. I wasn’t sure how to handle the beginning of my pregnancy, we also lost some amazing artists and sadly some pets.

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Start of the year! I am in my second trimester. The year starts of shaky with the death of my first real rockstar crush: David Bowie. As a young girl I was obsessed with Bowie. Maybe it was my hormones – maybe it my inner girl hurting but I took this really hard.

Final Fantasy Explorers came out this month – it was my escapism, it was fun but when we hooked up with a team when we got higher level the game became glitchy and annoying.

My bump officially is showing! At this point I’ve been going to the doctor monthly. Cravings at this point just last for an hour or so. I do love milkshakes though!!! Fire Emblem Fates came out this month, there are 2 versions plus a continuation of the story in a 3rd story. In times like this, it is very lucky to have a hubby who has a 3DS as well. He took Conquest while I played Birthright. This was my first official FE game!!!! I know, what took so long? I am usually not into this style of game but oh man, I totally was obsessed with this game. Restarting it twice just to get the perfect children through mating.

We skipped the kite festival this year because my family threw us a baby shower! It was amazing how many of our family members came to celebrate! Even my husband’s mom came from NOLA. I made invites for the shower.

We took my parents to see CABARET! It is my favorite musical, and my 3rd time to watch it live. In March, Pokken came out and to celebrate our friends threw a party, I made a Pokeball cake for the event.

Our friends threw us a GAY-BY Shower (Gay Baby Shower) – basically all our FABULOUS friends came and threw a very Totoro shower! You can see more pics over here but seriously, our friends are sooooo amazing!

Speaking of AMAZING friends – Joy sent us a beautiful embroidered Totoro piece to put in the baby’s room!

Sister Kim graduates college! Our baby finally arrived in May. What a wild roller coaster! I was lucky for a nice pregnancy and awesome labor/delivery. She was 7lbs, 14oz. My last thoughts before baby time are posted here. My first intro post to our daughter is over here.

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