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Miyavi coming back to Houston

Who knew that Miyavi would come back after so many years ago? I used to follow visual kei and jrock heavy back in the day. I even help create one of the popular vk news site back in 2006-2012. I fell out of vk after I got married but still went to local lives to bands who would visit Texas cons, like Nightmare!

I have some friends who are super excited about Miyavi coming back to Houston so and I just bought my ticket to the show! Its going to be fun!

I miss the old days when I knew most vk bands who were in the scene, now there are so many new groups who are way younger than me! I miss those old livejournal days, with graphics, music and all friends who wrote in online journals waaaaay before the coined term “blog”.

BRB – loading up my old vk playlists…