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2014 in review

Ok my annual: YEAR in REVIEW post! If you’re curious on the past annual reviews click on the tag “Review” or check out 2013, 2012 or 2011!

We started 2014 with a Mind Speaks redesign. Took a week to get all of the work organized on the site but it came out pretty neato! I won Houston Gaymers Favorite Female Gaymer! The voting happened at the end of 2013 but the award show happened in January of 2014. My husband and I have been part of Gaymers since end of 2012 and made so many besties! Every month we go to the 3DS night and play with about 50-60 gamers! Street pass heaven!


Pokemon XY came out so our friends threw a Pokemon party! Everyone made Pokemon type food so I made Poke Puffs! Took cream puffs and covered them with colored chocolate!

My craft room/office starting to became a reality! Hubby started to make me a tall island in our shared office. I love my work space and currently using the table as I type this out!


Hubby, Kim and I went to Anime Matsuri to see Nightmare live. Since I stopped working with a visual kei site I haven’t been to any vk lives but I couldn’t miss Nightmare. I’ve been a fan since high school!


Jody’s birthday and the new season premiere of Game of Thrones! So we mashed up his bday with a themed party! I made cupcakes with family crest banners! I also got him a cake from the pastry shop that made our wedding cake!


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