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New craft table

Our home was made in 1992 so our layout is a bit old school, meaning we have a dining room, formal sitting room and family/living room. Lately we have been using our dinning room as an office so finally we thought about it and decided to turn our formal sitting room into a craft/shared office room. It is open and connected to the dinning room so we needed to keep it clean and organized. Right now it is a work in progress but my husband asked what kind of craft table I wanted and said something like a kitchen island table. I am super short but wanted something taller so I can stand and cut and use tall stools on the table. Here is what my husband put together at around 100 bucks! All IKEA and Target!


Slowly our house is becoming more of a home. It is amazing! I just wish I had more time in the day to create in my new space. Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend!

Anime Matsuri – Nightmare live

It has been a long time since my last con. I swore my farewell con was Akon 2011 after interviewing the band D. Yet I knew I should go to Anime Matsuri, Nightmare was the visual band performing. Ni~ya is pretty shiny, the con was in Houston – I had no excuses…I HAD TO GO!!

Audio was a bit muttered at first but Yomi’s vocals were pretty amazing, shocked me how good he sounded live! The band was over all fun and so energetic! So glad I ended up going!