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Hello 2014!

New year = new chores! We’ve been spending time decorating, doing yard work and just organizing in general! I want to really start decorating our house – we don’t really have much furniture and all our rooms have become storage rooms – ooops! So, I have decided that my new years resolution is to be more organized! Not just with house stuff but I’ve been really bad about blogging so I want to really change that! I tend to gather lots of ideas and stories to blog about but when I get in front of my lappy I forget and my busy brain goes off topic.

My sisters bought me a new notebook for 2014. I will be carrying it everywhere! I also want to redo the front page of


hubby-paul bravely blueshiny
freepeople boots pokemonplushies

1. My hubby and our friend Paul at a Houston Gaymers event. 2. Bravely Default demo done! I can’t wait for the full game! 3. Blue shiny nails. 4. Free People have the coolest packaging, this was their shopping bag! 5. BLUE DR. MARTENS! Totally a pain breaking them in but they are slowly starting to feel better. 6. Pokemon Plushies! Most of these were gifts we gave to friends for Christmas. I am glad we have so many gaming/pokemon friends!

OH, we’ve been taking Tomo outside! He loves pretending to be a wild kitty. Here is a video of him in action.

tomo3 tomo2 tomo1

Link Love: Paper Source labeled my wedding as one of their favorite posts for 2013. So very honored!

2013 in review

I am trying to remember my year with doing these Year in Review posts. I did one for 2011 and did a quickie one for 2012 since I was pretty lazy after my wedding last year….oops

How was your 2013?

Rang in the New Year with my parents and sisters! Celebrated a full year at my new job!

My brother-in-law got married at Disney World!! My second time going, although it was condensed to just a weekend at the happiest place on earth!

My boss started Mani/Pedi Fridays at work!! Never had one before and I must admit, I am hooked! Also went to the Houston Rodeo with some friends and I started to play my first Monster Hunter game and I hope MH4 comes to the US.
mar2013 mar2013-2

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