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Boston here we come!!

I just finished putting together my travel folder for Boston. Why are we going to Boston you ask? For Yui’s wedding!!~!!!

So many of my online friends from livejournal days are getting married!! I am soo incredibly honored that she came to my wedding and that we are making it out to hers! I’m kinda emotional how close I’ve become to some online friends ;-;!

So yes, this weekend – Boston! Any suggestions on places to see while we are there?

Nintendo – how I love thee

So husband finally got his way – after months and months of asking I said ok to getting a WiiU. My mom laid the guilt trip on me asking why I wouldn’t agree to getting a WiiU. “Don’t you like Nintendo? Do you want to play cool games?!” Yes mom…I do ;o; The only reason I was fighting the idea of getting yet ANOTHER console is because we already have an unused PS3 and regular Wii we never turn on and we barely have played with our Xbox these past couple of months. Ok I lied – we use the PS3 for bluray movies ><;;!! My dude ran around town to find the WiiU bundle he wanted along with our friends Jeff and Paul. Jody bought Zombie U, Nintendo Land (came with bundle) and Monster Hunter. Yes that makes the 3rd Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate we have purchased (2 copies 3DS + WiiU game). It isn't the first time we have went overboard buying multiple copies of a game ><;;

Our Miis

Anyway, we played Nintendo Land for about 8 hours straight with some friends. Very addicting! Later that night Jody played Zombie U and I did jump alot – very scary XD All in all – I am impressed with the system. Even more excited at all the cross platform capabilities there could be. Rumors that Nintendo will be showing a trailer for Smash Brothers at E3! Hopefully this is too be cross platform between 3DS and WiiU!

Another game I am excited about is Animal Crossing! It drops on June 9th~!! Whoosh, Ginger has totally gotten me pumped for it, read her blog post about it! I do fear all of Monster Hunter time will be cut in half for this new cutesy game though!

Anyone excited about E3?! What are you looking forward to? The new scary Xbox One? O_o;; XD;;;;

How to delete on Facebook

Ok I made a mistake. After five years at my old job and having old coworkers on my Facebook – I decided to never ever have coworkers added on Facebook.

I screwed up and added a guy from my new job thinking he was cool. I regret it. What should I do?

Any advice on the subject?
People get pissy when it comes to deleting or un friending online.

{Edit} Thanks for all advice – I went with blocking from statuses and posts ^^b