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Obsession with nail polish

Back in March my boss started to treat the whole office to mani/pedi Fridays twice a month. He has his own nail lady who started to come to our office to do our nails. It is kinda surreal – at first I thought it was just a once in a life time perk at work but its been a couple of months and he still lets all the girls (and guys) get mani/pedis! If you follow my instagram you can see my progress every other week. Here are all the colors I have done so far.

week1 week2 week3
week4 week5 week6

I also bought a few new colors – which color do you usually like to paint your nails? Do you have any tips on colors I should try?

Tomo is 6

I adopted Tomo in 2007, he was only four months old and already had a little belly. Who knew this little guy would become such a huge kitty!!! I can’t believe he is already six years old!!!! Even though he huge – he still walks on me thinking he is a little kitten -____-; Trouble maker >Tomo-4 months

Happy Birthday to my funny furry buddy.

tomo1 tomo2

Who has a kitty? What is their name!? :3