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Sicky Sick Poo

I have tonsillitis – whoot! Never had it before so this was a surprise since last weekend I had a cold. I was really hoping not to miss anymore work but my office is so nice and sent me home to get rest. I went to the clinic and was prescribed some antibiotics and some cough syrup. After dozing in and out of sleep I am finally feeling better but still have no voice. I keep getting phone calls on my cell and I can’t talk!!! I have never been mute before – I can whisper a little but it is really painful. My mom called and kept repeating “I can’t hear you Mija” ….. -_-;;

Doctor gave me medical masks to wear around my husband and my sister Kim. Since I am contagious, my dude had to sleep downstairs the last two nights. Weird sleeping in a big bed alone. I am almost done with my pills so I should be ok to go back to work soon!

sicksickypoo pills

Since I had these two days off from work, I helped my friend Ginger get her blog started on my domain. She is my first (non-sister) hostee so I helped her get set up and helped designed a layout for her. Check her new blog out here! Very excited to have her on Honey-Vanity! She is amazing and cool <3 Another thing, one of my longest friends is getting married this summer! Yui, who came to my wedding last year. I’ve known her since 2005, she is one of my first true friends I met online and I am super honored to be seeing her marry her soulmate!!

Nintendo News

Those who follow video games and Nintendo probably already heard but they are releasing a ton of new games for the 3DS!! Super exciting to be a handheld fan! Here is the video that was posted online.

I think I am most excited for Braverly Default, Mario Party and the new Link to the Past 3DS game! I wish they wouldn’t bring the Animal Crossing XL to America ;o; I want it but I will refrain from replacing my pretty teal 3DS. Will power!!!! Speaking of video games, on facebook I saw that Video Games Live is coming to Houston. My husband has been raving about that live since he saw it in 2006 and now I will finally get to see it! This is all I asked for my birthday in July ^^~!

Who has a 3DS? What are you most excited about!?

Springtime and Mind-Speaks

Spring is totally in the air!! Even if Texas weather is still acting bipolar -_-; One day it is a lovely day, the next it freezing and gloomy outside. Which is probably why I am sick, bipolar weather is messing with my sinuses! Yesterday we went to the Houston Galleria and I noticed a store window design (Tory Burch storefront) looked familiar! My best friend Emily actually designed and constructed my wedding doorway! She did an amazing job!!! But it seems a window designer might have copied her style lol I took a picture and sent it to her and even she was shocked that the window display looked similar to hers. What do you think?

Tory Burch store window
My wedding last year

Speaking of my wedding, I have gotten a few emails asking about how my invitations looked like. I have posted pics of all the pieces that I included in my invitations over here at my sister art blog! I also wanted to explain why I have a separate place to upload work at. Mind-Speaks is a group blog I own with my two sisters – Kim & Kat. We try to post monthly projects we have been working on.

I hope later this year to do a make over my other sites and get a bit more organized!! You can totally tell I am sick, I updated more than once over the weekend!!

Husband’s bday

Just occurred to me that this is the first non-jrock-y layout on this blog. I still like my old school disbanded bands but I haven’t kept up or cared enough to listen to anything new. OK but onto the real post!

My husband has his birthday last week so Kim and I took him out for some Japanese food. Actually, my dude saw a picture of some scallops a while back and asked the waitress if he could have the scallops with lemon slices in an elegant fashion. At first the waitress seemed confused but since it was his birthday she said they would make him a birthday scallop plate!

Oh so spoiled XD;;; They bought out his plate and it looked like a pretty flower! So cool!!! Afterwards we wanted to go see Jurassic Park in 3D but we were soooo full! Seemed pointless to show him the cake I bought but we did have some with ice cream. There is always room for sweets :9

husband's dinner icecream icecream

The next day we went to my parents’ house for more birthday fun. Dad grilled steaks, Kat gave him Bioshock Infinite, mom gave him an Academy gift card. I gave him a Nintendo eshop gift card so he can finally download Dr. Mario onto his 3DS!! Kim also made him a grocery bag holder for our kitchen, she used Star Wars fabric so he loved it!! Kat even made him another cake, this time it was a pound cake with powdered sugar and strawberries on top!

We ended the weekend with lots of multiplayer Luigi’s Mansion. One thing that is awesome having gamer sisters, that you always have friends to co-op with!!!

THIS weekend, is the Houston Japanese Festival but on Thursday I caught a cold so the past few days I have been in bed and just a gross mess. I haven’t been sick since my wedding. Did I even mention that I was home sick a few days before the wedding??? I am surprised I didn’t look like a zombie in my wedding pics!! I hope I feel better so I can go to the festival. The festival is always alot of fun ;o;

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