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Obsession: My 3DS

I have been obsessing over my 3DS as of late. We have had them since September and I take mine everywhere. You never know when you’ll street pass with someone! This Christmas my sister Kim got me a clear case for my 3DS. I added some scrapbook paper and – tada! A whole new look!! Our mom got all of us (myself, my dude and my 2 younger sisters) new games for our DS and finally after finishing with pokemon white2 I have actually started to go through my new games.

Last week I started playing Super Mario Brothers 2, and on Thursday I beat the main story line of the game. I unlocked the star map and need more golden star coins to continue. I need to find someone who has the game to play it through co-op with me as Mario and Luigi!

Speaking of Luigi, Luigi’s Haunted Mansion is coming out soon, it is a great time to get a 3DS if you haven’t already. Amazing games are coming out including Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Monster Hunter 3, Smash Brothers and soo many more! If you can recommend any games please let me know!

I downloaded the original Tetris onto my 3DS. Made the airport tolerable on our way to Florida a few weeks ago. Speaking of Florida, going to Disney with your 3DS is amazing – we gain so many international miis while we were there both in October and a couple of weeks ago!

My obsession has gotten so bad, every time I am at a grocery store or restaurant and I see another person with a 3DS I get overly giddy and try to walk pass them to see if they have street pass on. I must look like a creeper passing by them multiple times trying to collect their mii.

Speaking of obsession, my dude has been playing Fire Emblem like crazy, I think he finally finished it. It is so funny, when I first met him he had the same blue DS Lite that I had and never played with it. Always kept it in a drawer but after we played some multi player games he started to actually bring his DS around and played. Now with his 3DS he is obsessed as I am!

1. My shiny new case from my sister Kim 2. My huge case set my sister Kat gave me 3. 3DS family. Blue XL: my dude | Teal: mine | Black: Kim’s | Purple: Kat’s 4. Right at the end of January I beat Pokemon White2!! 5. Collection of dude/my games 6. Finally reached 100 miis!! 7. I got my first mani/pedi and did my nails in mint apple – matches my 3DS! 8. I finally got to play Monster Hunter – the demo is out for download in the eshop 9. I made custom pokemon battle cards for some friends to use during training

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