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Gentle Közi

This post may be a tad graphic, I also want to express I am in no way a dog hater. In fact – my dude and I were talking about getting a german shepherd but after what happened earlier this week….we may be rethinking that idea! Again I am not a dog hater.

Okay Monday night….or rather Tuesday morning was traumatic. It is 1am and I get a phone call from my sister Kim. She is crying. Absolutely bawling with fear in her voice. She tells me: “Közi was attacked…its really bad.” After moments of explanation and tears I notice my dude is calling emergency pet hospitals. My family is from a small town called Lake Jackson – thankfully I live in Houston so there are places open 24hrs to help pets. But what happened to our sweet Közi? He was pinned down and attacked by 2 adult boxers. They tore off his tail and ripped his tummy. I tell her to get him ready, we are coming to get him.

The thing about Közi is that – he is one of the most gentle cats you will ever meet. He is submissive, lovable and seriously my dad’s best friend. To think of him (or really any innocent animal) being mauled is heartbreaking. I got Közi when he was only a few months old, and after my dad grew attached to him I gave him to my family to keep and raise – he is now 6 yrs old and the family favorite. The weird thing about Közi is that he is a mute – so while he was being torn apart no one could hear him in pain. We are lucky that my dad DID hear 2 dogs fighting over something and after investigation he noticed it was Közi who was trapped between the 2 large aggressive dogs!!

After we arrived my dad put Közi in my carrier and I saw that his tummy was torn open – I knew this was going to be more serious than I thought. We rushed to the clinic signed him in and we were told he needed surgery asap. That he would recover and he wouldn’t die. A sigh of relief until we paid for the vet bills -_-;;;

It has been a few days and Közi is pretty depressed in the hospital – I hope we can take him home soon. He isn’t eating or reacting to our voices so I am worried that he is traumatized. Now I expressed alot of anger towards the owners of the 2 large boxers. If you have a huge dog, especially 2 of them – lock them up!!! We live in a community with a leash law, and with children. What if they hurt a child next? I just want them fined – to pay for our bills and to get rid of the dogs. My dad called the cops and animal control and they confirmed it is a house of college kids renting a house near my parents. My dad is really angry – he is going to fight them for hurting his buddy!!

Taken the morning before the incident. He lost more than half his tail in the mauling.

If you want to see pictures (not bloody ones) or get a more fuller story: my sister Kim has written her side over here. I am just disgusted by the whole thing – what is worse when I told people about our cat some have scoffed – “why spend so much money on a cat?” or “you can get a free one anywhere”. Seriously? They must not be animal lovers.