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Has anyone ever used one of these before? *curious*

Cat obsessed

OK we have two cats. My cat Tomo – is 5 years old big maine coon boy! He is a loveable, talkative but weird cat. When my fiance and his old lady cat moved in – it really stressed out Tomo. He was the only kitty for so long AND he wasn’t used to sharing me with someone.

Now, let me introduce to you to Jody’s (my fiance) cat. Her name is Missy and is 14 year old cat who Jody adopted from a wild cat shelter in New Orleans about 4 years ago. She was a mother to baby wild cats – she littered a handful of wild kitties helping endangered cats!! She is VERY loveable but over protective of Jody. She also is a huge lap cat and head honcho over Tomo. Even though she is half his size!!

Now they have become more lovey dovey towards each other so we rewarded them with brand new beds! We bought two different kind of beds not knowing which one each would like. I have dealt with my parents’ pair of cats with beds and both usually fight for the same one while there is one empty -____-; Sooo I was worried but to my relief they loved the beds and picked one to their liking. After a day or two later we noticed they actually started to share and switch beds. They are not territorial! It was really cute how they switch from time to time!!!

Random video of Tomo chirping while trying to get our attention outside of our bedroom.

So that is our family! What kind of pets do you have?