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Working for Domo Box

Almost 6 months since I left my job and things have been crazy! After 5 years going from intern, to full on designer to marketing manager has been one hell of a bumpy ride! And for the first time in at least 2 years … I AM HAPPY!!!! After leaving I got many offers so my fiancĂ© and decided we should start using a name to freelance under. He does architectural renderings and motion graphics while I do the marketing and print. We go by: Domo Box. You can view our work over on our site:

We finally got to work on a project together. It is for a restaurant/club called Hughes Hangar. We did print and video work. Please check it out!

Working on our own has had its ups and down…I have however taken a marketing director job. Working in an office again has me a bit nervous. I was invited to the company Christmas party and it became my debut to the rest of the company. So strange but exciting!

What else? OH Kim made Tomo a dandy bowtie collar.