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So as I am waiting on a job – I have taken shit loads of freelance!! Almost overwhelming amounts but since working at home – I have been able to finish them quickly! I also applied to be a designer over at Paper Source. I would work on the floor as well and on weekends conduct weekend craft classes. My interview is this Saturday. Working at that shop would probably be the best bet.

I’ve worked in a stuffy office for five years – to be able to teach and design more packages and hands on projects would just paint me peachy!!! WTF does that even mean?!?!?! Not sure but I really get this giddy feeling when I walk into that place.

I forgot to show this to you guys, back at the beginning of this year I started to work more with Green Card.

ALSO – I uploaded my personal portfolio and starting up a new project with my dude. More about that later!!! ANNNNNNNNNND started to add more shiny stuff to Mija’s Malice.

Back from NOLA

My new job seems to be on hold, the company is trying to land a big account and if all goes well they can afford me. So I took a week off and went to New Orleans with Jody to visit his family. It was my first time to meet his grandparents from California. Really amazing time! A whole week with his family and it seemed we were still being stretched from house hold to house hold.


Run down on the pics:

  • Kim made me an amazing Beatles messager bag! Check out her Star Wars one she made over here.


  • Kat made me my pretty Birthday cake!


  • Dad made me my favorite steak dinner – country fried deer :9!


  • My new lappy!


  • Kat found a pokemon toy for me! Yesh my starter pokemon: Oshawott!


  • Jody took a pic of me while we were at the WWII museum – pardon my frizzy fro and stupid face.


On Thursday I turned 26! My parents, my new in-laws and my fiancĂ© all worked together to get me a brand new mac for my birthday! My last mac was a powerbook G4 (2006) which ran on Tiger OS until I FINALLY upgraded everything to Leopard and still even then – the HD was sluggish. I was spoiled that at work I had a 5,000 mac desktop with top of the line….everything! Sooo you can see my dilemma when left the office for good. This new lappy is a god send, I have already finished alot of the freelance I obtained when quit my job. Its a strange feeling, but I’m excited about the new things.

The Robertsons…. weird one day I will go from a short name like Vera to a massive name like Robertson!

Gah but on a sad note – what the hell happened this month? Isshi was found dead in his apartment a few days ago? I barely could even comprehend that Kagrra broke up let alone having one of my most favorite singers die. When thinking which song or video I should post on here I went through a bit of a Kagrra quest and started to cry. I haven’t really broke down about this until I went on a listening spree. He truly was an unique singer, such range, beauty and was an amazing story teller. Like most Kagrra fans, I liked them back when they were new and in Key Party. I say most fans because not many new fans liked Kagrra for whatever reason ;-;

I decided to share Meguru – its so simple and elegant with a slight eerie-ness to the tone. Everything I love about Kagrra.

R.I.P Isshi – we may never know what happened to you but I seriously hope you’re at peace now.

A few things to catch up on…

If you’re just joining me on this odd venture let me go over a few things that I have not been able to update about here on my blog.

  • I am now engaged!
  • Got to sit down and interview the vk band D
  • I shall be 26 this Thursday~
  • I just lost my grandmother 2 weeks ago
  • And after 5 years of loyalty – I have finally quit my job!
  • What was that? QUIT?!!!?? Did I have a job lined up when I talked to my ex boss? NOPE! Am I CRAZY?!?! YES!! But seriously you guys, some of you have been my friends since college. Most of you remember back in 2007 when I first got this job. You have been through the ups and downs – my bitching about the hours – the lack of creativity AND even about the coworkers!

    Am I happy? I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I truly cried the night before my last day but it was something that needed to be done. After I packed up my desk and walked out – every coworker seemed to have started to talk shit about me. I didn’t do this on a last minute whim. I spoke to my ex boss about my concerns back in April when I first TRIED to quit. So what now?

    I went into panic mode – I haven’t even opened my doc file to my resume since I was in school!!!! Where did I even place that file….somewhere in the forbidden ocean of my external HD. Luckily word spread that I left my office and not even 7 hours passed when I was bombarded with calls. I got 2 offers – one was more a freelance side thingy adventure – the other is actually something more interesting that pays even more than my last job!! Catch is – I won’t be able to start for a few weeks!

    Thursday is my birthday – I’ll be 26 (old right?!) and wanted to start anew. New job, new life and a new blog layout! Check it out….pink! So not me ^^!

    Advice for the day: No matter what happens – don’t trash talk old employers. Even if they’re talking shit about me, nothing can be reversed so why try to change it?