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Room mates

I have lived alone for about…5-6 years. I have become very anti-social, very independent and really loved being in my own space. But in the last month I have gained 2 new room mates and another cat!

Thats right – Jody and his cat Missy have officially moved in. Tomo and Missy are… um… adjusting? Tomo hasn’t been around other cats so he wants to play all the time. But alas, Missy is 11 and pissy so she just hisses and swats at him.

Tomo has adjusted really well to having Missy and Jody in our home. He seems to love Jody alot – maybe because I don’t give Tomo alot of attention? ><;?

Last Friday my sister Kim moved in with us. I was worried we would have awkwardness since Jody might not be used to having her around but after a week I can say its been great. Kim also started University of Houston – you can read her adventures about Uni and her first week over here. I am so busy with freelance I can hardly breathe – I even helped Jody redo his resume and site. As always you can find more of my actual design ramblings over at

OH one more thing – Kim has to keep up a blog for her english class. {{Heh – Kim, I bet you’re glad I made you start blogging at such a young age!}} Anyway, I made her a simple blog layout yesterday of an owl. She had this cute notebook of an owl so I decided to make my own weird owl thing. All in vector form, you can view her class blog over here.

Oh thanks to Kim I have this song stuck in my head. We saw the movie the weekend it came out. I thought it was cute.