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candy This is one of my favorite candies at the moment. Rainbow Twizzlers! I love twizzlers to begin with but these rainbow ones are extra cool…well the are cooler to look at than actually eating but colors always grab my attention. So being the bid nerds that we are – we got The Beatles – Rockband the day it came out. Seriously hands down one of the most beautiful games ever. I just can’t believe how pretty it is.

I slept most of the day away – I’ve been getting sick as of late which is weird because I really don’t get sick that often. Thursday I was late for work because I didn’t go bed until 6am! Why? Because I got food poisoning from some bad pasta I had the night before and spent the whole night by the toilet vomiting. So I went to work late and threw up there and was sent home, I slept all day. I have never ever called in sick or missed work because of being sick. I just feel weird missing work.

Speaking of work, its mmmmm weird. They demoted a coworker this Friday, and even though she annoys me on a daily basis I feel bad. She is a 30yr old woman who is being demoted to 10 bucks an hour! I had a one on one with my boss on Friday that made me feel better about my position at the company.

Friday was my friend’s birthday and since its been almost a year since I have seen her I decided to go to her party. There was this guy at the party who was super nice and we hit it off well until he took too many shots, vomited outside and fell asleep on my friend’s sofa. -____-; the worst part was even though he had no ring, he was actually married with 3 kids! I was so grossed out, why was he so friendly? I didn’t get home until 4am – but I didn’t drink that much because she had food and I don’t usually drink during actual dinner unless its wine.

The 7 Deadly Sins Layout Challenge is over and we didn’t get many people making and posting layouts. I was so hopeful since we had alot of submissions for LUST and then everyone kinda died and stopped posting. But I was so grateful that Kii and Shintomo finished the challenge with me!!! <33333

OH yeah my favorite book store called BOOK STOP closed done last week. For about a week I would skip lunch and go to the store and kinda soak in memories I had at that place. I got pretty emotional the day of closing when I went in and bought a few books – lots of items were 50% so I ended up paying like 8 bucks for 3 books. I went back to work and no one really understood why I would be sad about a book store closing. Guys, its not just any book store its was the most amazing book store. The building was actually a movie theater from the 1930s and sometime in the 1980s it was transformed into a book store. It has about 5 floors of random stairs and nooks. I have shot video of when Kat and I hung out. These pics were taken on the store’s last day.

My posts are getting more and more pointless lol sorry about that!

hello again!

saulbassI’ve been sick ;o; all freaking week, actually going on week 2 of sickness ><; I’m still coughing like crazy – and I have boogers *picks nose* .-. did I share too much ? Since tv sucks during the summer I have been watching shows online. Weeds, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, and thanks to Emily, I’m starting to watch Mad Men! Vintage marketing is so amazing! I really look forward to see who their client is, how the address the marketing problem and who Don fucks LOL Their opening scene/theme song is amazing! Reminds me of Bass’ poster art for Vertigo! Really sexy and slick!

I’m kind of a horror film buff and I have been itching to see Halloween II – anyone seen it yet? 😮 Halloween is coming up but this year we will be at Oni-con for Halloween. So worth it if we get to see born live so thats going to be fun!

Whoa we are busy busy over at Crazed-System! We’ve been posting like crazy for the 7 deadly sins challenge! Speaking of CS – Kii now has a blog/graphics site now!! Visit her site & look through her shiny graphics!!
Addicting song at the moment. Something is really cute for a vk band like D=OUT to go and do covers!
D=OUT – Rouge no Dengon (from Kiki’s Delivery Service!)

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