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Time after time…

My birthday is drawing near and believe me, I am starting to get those old people pains already! Last Thursday my left hand felt sore and thus I fucked around all day at work, I just couldn’t focus off of the discomfort. By the time I got home I was packing my stuff to go to parents’ for 4th of July holiday. As I picked up my bag with my sore hand I noticed that my fingers couldn’t close tightly….I dropped my bag in pain. I had no grip? WTF I panicked. As Hideko knows, my hands sometimes grow tired or becomes sore – so much I sometimes bang them on the table but the pain lasts maybe 15 minutes or so. I can also run my hands under hot water to ease any soreness. I KNOW I need to see a doctor but seriously we were raised to “just drink some sprite, grab an egg and lay down” *insert mexican voodoo chanting prayer* That night was hell but by the next morning I was ok, just some soreness. Kim was mean to me all weekend. Which reminds me – I owe her an ass kicking! Anyway, I’m fine and I WILL be visiting a doctor very soon!

Oh I found this new app/widget for my mac. Its called Colorstrology. You can even find your birthday color! Mine is a … guess what BLUE! XD Since I am in a color mood here are some cool sites to check out:

Even though my birthday isn’t until Tuesday (the 14th),  I received gifts from parents and sisters! Mom got Phantom tickets for this coming Friday, Dad gave me money, Kim and Kat made me this (the plushie in the middle):


His name is Stein! Kim made what she calls Ugly Ipod Monsters,  he is cute right? All I did was send her a drawing of him and she did the rest! He is so cuddly and cute – his head unzips and my ipod fits right in! I love him, thanks stinkers for making him! <33333333333