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Work has been weird and tiring. Seems like no matter what I do around the office I would get weird vibes off of my boss and coworkers. I think this week was a bit more normal I guess, I have Monday off so yeah. But I picked up 2 new freelance jobs. Actually one of the jobs is like going to be a huge event so its alot of pressure lol. I’m nervous.

Addy went back to Japan so the staff and myself have to pick up the slack at Shattered-Tranquility. We actually get about 7- 8 posts per day so I think we are doing pretty well! I want to redesign my sites ;-;!! But they have to be put on the back burner for a bit, which sucks because my layout out on MM has been up forever!!! I want a new lay ‘-‘!!!!
Have you heard about my bunny story? I made my first youtube vlog thing about it over here. Its totally not going to be a common thing to do videos O_o; Here is the bunny – I almost stepped on him.

My dad also got to hang out with a donkey on Thursday! I decided I really wanted to have a donkey – they are so cute!

Did you hear about Shamwow dude getting in trouble for beating a hooker? So fucking weird! GOD David Bowie has the hottest mug shot ever!! He is like 62-63? I don’t care I would still do him!!

Oh on a movie note – I saw Haunting in Connecticut. It wasn’t sooo bad until the ending -___-; I don’t like when “scary” movies try to be inspirational and cheesy in the end. Not sure why Matt got his brother and cousin out while the youngest cousin went upstairs and no one made sure she was safe? -___- I hate badly edits in films. The next shot you see her outside but you never see her being pushed to safety. Sorry kinda ruins the movie when I notice things like that. Oh I never saw the tv show about this story. Does anyone have any stories to share? Do you believe in ghosts? 😮 *curious*

Oh and lent is over with so guess what?

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Was this post random? yes sir.