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cake ;o;

I’ve been working alot. Freelance, job…everything ;-; I am so tired. I want a whole day or 2 of just sleeping -_-!! Anyway Ash Wednesday was this past Wednesday and even though I’m not the most…Catholic person I figured since I did lent last year I should do it again this year. Sooooo I gave up sweets. Which is hard since I didn’t even get to binge before the fast started lol AH I hope I am not weak! Another reason why I am doing this is because I found out some horrible news, my aunt has breast cancer. Today I found out her cancer is a size of a quarter. What does that mean? I know she’ll have an operation but does that mean she’ll lose her whole breast or she’ll just lose some size to it? I hate not knowing. My cousins must be going through so many emotions. I am going to call my cousin tomorrow. We went to their house when hurricane Ike came to Houston.

I watched Friday the 13th remake….lame! I watched The Haunting of Molly whatever….even more lame! I’m watching the first 2 classic movies of Friday the 13th. Never liked this movie. Oh a few weeks ago sisters and mom came to Houston. We had a great lunch at Andre’s. Its that same cafe I took my youngest sister to a few months ago. Gah even now looking at this dated photo of a sweet cake is making me want something sweet! Must be strong…must be strong!