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cake ;o;

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another month

Lots of random things have happened. I got REPO! on dvd, went to the Broken Heart Erotic Show with Emily. Saw Coraline, stress stress stress stress!!! I got a CURE magazine signed by DIO AND Sugar for a contest at S-T! Did you join the contest? Keep an eye out because our contests are usually easy to join and we give pretty good prizes in my opinion ^^! Miyavi is coming to Houston in April but I am not really a fan so I don’t think I am going. Besides I have other things to look forward to like attending a live by deadmau5, seeing Cabaret again and planning a trip to Chicago (hopefully!) Oh did you guys see the grammys? Paul was so damn good, I was so happy and excited to see him on stage.

Oh and of course we lost Lux Interior this month ;-; he was only 62. If you have no idea who he or The Cramps are then please please look them up and be amazed at Lux’s flaming beauty. He was actually married to Ivy (she is the hot red head in the band).

What else? OH I am really in love with boogieman. I adore Junno! And…you can tell they are going to get popular! I’ll update in a couple of days with something of worth lol sorry tired!