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True Blood and wifi issues

Last week Kim was supposed to stay with me but she had school and other crap to deal with – the reason why Kim really wanted to stay with me (besides that I am cool and she loves me *dies*) – is that we were going to meet Charlaine Harris the author of the True Blood series. Since Kim was having a troublesome week I went to meet with author by myself to get Kim’s book autographed. The event had over 300 fans and was packed! People asked about the books, show and the story line for the next book. I had no idea what a strong following this author had. The signing session was so stressful and annoying but I met 2 new friends in the process. Anyway I didn’t get Kim’s book signed until like 10pm. I was so wiped when I finally got home. One of the girls from the signing took my picture and emailed it to me. I always look crappy and tired in pictures :/

I started new freelance so that usually means I won’t be online as much but this job shouldn’t take too long to finish. I am going to buy Boogieman’s release with the money I earn. Damnit I keep going to their site just to listen and see the pv sample over and over! So fucking catchy! OH you know what else I have been excited for? REPO! coming on dvd soon AND new Tim Burton! His movie 9 is coming out soon – well he is producing the film. AND new pic has been posted for his Alice in Wonderland film! Look how amazing Johnny Depp looks! I am officially excited for this film! I love Depp and Burton movies. They are always perfect!

Oh, our korean brother came back for a visit! Hyun looks so different! Even though our meeting was short it was good to see him. Even if he is still a lil’ shit haha. Today was mom’s bday or rather yesterday since its Sunday now :/ so yay happy bday mom!

Ah I feel so stupid and pissy with this wifi crap. I am trying to get my parents’ wifi up and running for the last few weeks and finally after buying a different router, it seems to be working both up and down stairs and in the garage. But it does kick me off often :/ so thats a bother and now its 3am.

OH and I installed a subscription plugin so feel free to sign up for email alerts and pokes when I update etc!


This month in review…

Happy New Year! Did you guys get trashed? Okay December was pretty cool. Well, okay thats a small lie because work was really stressful, but Oni-con made up for all the stress, I got the 19th off so I could run errands and get ready for the DIO and Sugar lives. But after I signed into the hotel I had to stopped by the office to print off some stuff and check on my coworkers/boss. I went back to my place picked up my sisters and headed to the hotel – I found out that Sugar was already playing so we ran down there and caught their last 4 songs ;—; BUT they were amazing, and really sexy! Loki’s hair was crazy though, all shaved on the side and tossed to the other side. Not too many people where there for Sugar – even people who were curious and walked in would walk out after awhile, I shouldn’t complain since the lack of people allowed us to get closer to the stage but I wanted the crowd to be huge and badass for the bands. Yet Sugar had so much energy and Loki sounded just like the cd if not better. His voice is amazing live. After they finished we were instructed to chant DIO DIO DIO which we did! One by one DIO boys came out but had some tech problems. A few songs into the live, Ivy had to switch mics or something so Mikaru had to make small talk with us which was random and cute. They ended the live but we were shouting encore encore. All of the sudden Erina flew into the fans – he stage dived into us and people were all over him. After awhile they pulled him up and then Mikaru (shirtless) jumped into the audience. The lives were great. On the last day of Oni-con Loki went missing which was random but kinda funny. We caught 2 picks – one from Sizna and one from Erina. I got to see some friends and meet ST-ders which was great! Here is a pic of my sisters and I on that Saturday.

This is us on the last day.

Xmas came and went which you guys already know what I got since I posted about it already here. Fast forward to this week. Kathy came and stayed about 3 days with me. My boss gave me Wednesday off so I took Kat to some old cool book stores. One we went to was pretty big – about 4 floors big! We recorded some footage which I’ll piece together and post on here next time. I also took Kat to Andres. Its a little cafe with French cakes. We picked a River Oaks and a Chateaubriand. Next week I get Kim for a whole week. ;-;

Hope 2009 will be has fun as 2008. I hope Shattered Tranquility will grow in this New Year!