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REPO! part deux

That means part 2 no? I’m hispanic not french so whatever… OKAY I know I JUST updated about REPO! and I already posted a pic of myself with Darren and Terrance but – THEY just updated with a pic of myself with my friend Adale. Look how dead tired I looked! Hey – cut me some slack this was in the middle of our busy week and the movie was on a Monday and I left the theatre at 3am ;-; So go here to read their review of Houston showing! Click on Road Tour II. Adale would probably kill me if she knew I posted this … oh well XD; Again – more pimping – the Road Tour III will start soon! Check to see if its coming near you, dvd out on January 20th. Seriously Darren and Terrance are so down to earth and cool, makes me want to buy everything and anything SAW and REPO! To support them *dies* Now for something completely different… Did you guys by any chance join our contest at Shattered Tranquility? OMG Ernie revealed his voice to the world XD!!

Merry Xmas!

For all my livejournal friends – I’m sure you noticed that I have this plugin that cross posts my blog entries to my lj! I also have a new layout on the blog, its of Shizuki. I love Art Cube, they need more love!! I also have twitter added to the side bar so give it a poke!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I was worried that this year I wouldn’t be able to buy anything for my family but I did some last minute shopping and got alot of items on sale! I shopped so LAST minute that I had to tell my sisters to go upstairs until I finished wrapping their gifts. OK well actually my dad wrapped them since I SUCK at wrapping, and he has this amazing talent to have items so perfectly wrapped! I actually tried to help him wrap and he claimed I would screw it up so haha I let him have at it all by himself. So I got both girls alarm clocks. Mom and I pitched in to get both girls digital cameras and dad a laptop – which he loved! I got mom one of those digital picture frames that hold a shit load of pics! Mom got Kat Rock Band2 and Kim a sewing machine. I got a flip video camera and free agent seagate Ex HD from mom & dad and a purse from my sister Kim. I also got Kingdom Hearts-Chain of Memories on PS2 and some movies from Kat. It was a great Christmas – really better than I could hope for and I am grateful that my parents and I had some money for some gifts, especially after Oni-Con ;-;. I also received gifts from coworkers – we have secret santa every year and this year, Will picked my name! He got me this huge book of Japanese origami and all of this colorful paper of different colors and print. He also got me a moleskine journal with a cool pen from Japan. It was really nice of him!! OH of course we had a perfect Christmas dinner – mom made a small ham AND turkey this year!! :9 :9 it was amazing!

I know Christmas isn’t about gifts I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get off work in time to get something for my sisters and drive all the way to my parents house. We were really lucky this year <3!


Sorry for taking FOREVER to update about this. On December 8th I went to see REPO! the genetic opera! After a year of me ranting and raving about this movie and Yoshiki’s involvement I finally got to see it! Not ONLY did I get to see it, I got to meet the director and one of the creators/actor of the film. So after watching the film we were able to have a Q&A with the REPO! dudes. Someone asked about Yoshiki before I could, it was cool – apparently he watched the home made teaser trailer and loved it. He basiclly opened his studio to Darren and the musical crew. They also said the dvd should be out January 20th! Ah the movie was so worth waiting for – it was very bloody and sexy. AND the music, the music is perfect. Every song is different and cool!! Seriously if the movie is playing near you watch it! I uploaded some clips and I talked to Darren and Terrance for a bit. Both are so cool and don’t really give a fuck who trashes the movie – you can tell they put all their care for this rock opera. They are pretty down to earth!! So yeah yeah support the film and music!!