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Adventure at the ER

Around midnight I heard dad come out of his room and fumbling through the medicine cabinet. After all the noise I heard him fall – I called out to him thinking he just tripped but no response. So I got up and saw him laying on the floor, not moving I called out again and mom came running out of their room and went to him shaking him. No response. Mom screamed to call 911 – Kim heard and called from upstairs. He was making some weird noise and his eyes rolled back and finally he snapped out of it and tried to get up and fell yet again straight on his back hitting his head. We finally got him up to his bed and he was bleeding from his elbow, he left small puddles of blood in our hallway. He laid on the bed shaking and he had a very confused look on his face. We cleaned up his wound and dressed him for the ER. We took my car and mom drove while the girls waited for 911 to responded.

The car ride was weird – dad tried talking and he made no sense. It was so scary. We went into the ER and waited….and waited. Dad sat there shaking, he was cold and I had a big jacket on so I gave it to him to wear. FINALLY they called him in and only one of us could go with him – naturally mom went in with him while I sat and waited. Hours passed as I sat there and cried alittle. A girl of maybe 5yrs old or so came and sat next to me and asked if I was crying. I said alittle and she said “I’m sick too”. My sisters called me crying and asking what was happening so I had to sound brave and tell them not to worry. About 5 hours passed and it was now passed 5am and mom came out with a sigh of relief. She said they took xrays, blood, cat scan…etc etc and that they are waiting for the result of the cat scan. He was hooked up to an IV and and mom said I could go check on him. I had to wander a bit through the ER until I found him and he looked out of it.

He was hooked up and beeping on some machine. I joked with him and asked if he was getting any good drugs into his system. I sat with him for awhile waiting for the cat scan came in and I went to trade off with mom. Doctor couldn’t find anything wrong and gave him some nausea meds. The doctor released us and we went home. It was almost 6am when we got home, the girls were in tears and ran up to dad who was bandaged from his fall.

So what now? I dunno…I guess we just have to monitor him. I was so fucking scared.