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tis the season for grotesque films

Its that time, where every channel is filled with some sort of Halloween special. But I pass all of those cheesy, tv shows/sitcoms that have the actors dress up in stupid costumes. Instead I look at the channels that show classic horror, sci~fi flicks and all of those movies that make you say “what the fuck” out loud.

This year is a bit different since I have all of these random movie channels. One of my favorites is FEARnet on demand. I always wanted to see alot of these small creepy films like Catacombs. And with this channel that offers scary movies non-stop I finally got to watch it! The poster design in its self is really eerie. But the story line was kinda killed towards the end.
I love the concept of the catacombs, ever since reading Poe’s The Cask of Amontillado, I’ve always felt some weird fear of being lost underground with only the dead to act like your walls. Rob Zombie’s House of 1,000 Corpses had a similar effect towards the end – the hallway of dead bodies that led up to Dr. Satan’s lab. Another movie I finally saw was The Devil’s Backbone. First of all – I looove Guillermo del Toro, he is one of my favorite directors. The movie was artsy and made with amazing style but I don’t understand why people think this is such a scary movie. It had more beauty than horror in my opinion. Is that weird to say? Eh watch it and the graphics will amaze you but not scare you.

Oh of course this season Repo! the genetic opera will be in theatres! Finally!! You know how long I’ve been waiting for this movie??? Almost a year! The soundtrack is pretty badass and its produced by Yoshiki from X Japan. Oh I am also looking forward to Wolfman and Fatal Frame.