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Last week I had my sister Kim over at my apartment and this week I had my sister Kat over. Its so different to have each alone. Especially Kat since we are 8 years apart. When I moved out of my parents’ home she was only 9 or 10. This week was really fun with her – even though she is the youngest she has a caring and almost motherly tone about her. Kim was also fun to have around! She is so laid back I didn’t have to entertain her – she is really similar to myself~!! We had alot of Starbucks together! Because of work I wasn’t able to hang out with them as much, but at night I tried to take them to dinner or out to the Galleria.

I love my sisters so much – I wish they would visit more often! *hinthint* haha Hope you two are reading this!!

our starbucks