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saulbassI’ve been sick ;o; all freaking week, actually going on week 2 of sickness ><; I’m still coughing like crazy – and I have boogers *picks nose* .-. did I share too much ? Since tv sucks during the summer I have been watching shows online. Weeds, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, and thanks to Emily, I’m starting to watch Mad Men! Vintage marketing is so amazing! I really look forward to see who their client is, how the address the marketing problem and who Don fucks LOL Their opening scene/theme song is amazing! Reminds me of Bass’ poster art for Vertigo! Really sexy and slick!

I’m kind of a horror film buff and I have been itching to see Halloween II – anyone seen it yet? 😮 Halloween is coming up but this year we will be at Oni-con for Halloween. So worth it if we get to see born live so thats going to be fun!

Whoa we are busy busy over at Crazed-System! We’ve been posting like crazy for the 7 deadly sins challenge! Speaking of CS – Kii now has a blog/graphics site now!! Visit her site & look through her shiny graphics!!
Addicting song at the moment. Something is really cute for a vk band like D=OUT to go and do covers!
D=OUT – Rouge no Dengon (from Kiki’s Delivery Service!)

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one night in bangkok

chessmeSo PBS aired the concert of CHESS that was filmed last year. Did you know I own the original London vinyl recording but never have played it. I have only listened to orchestrations of the musical, but I bought it solely because Tim Rice was involved. Anyway, PBS premiered the concert on the 17th. I watched it for Adam Pascal and Idina Menzel, RENT heads can understand why. But they aren’t the only leads, Josh Groban also was a lead. To tell you the truth I have never heard of his voice or his music. I have an aunt who adores him but he always seemed boring in my opinion. Oh how I was wrong. He was really powerful in CHESS! I loved loved his voice and I had no idea he could act! Actually I never thought anything about him so his performance was a total shock. Adam was great but rough in some parts but still great! Idina – no contest she was the best performer.


The music is very Rice! If you like Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar and Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat then you’ll like the style of this music. Dramatic, beautiful, and overly 80’s pop sounding lol. One thing I always liked about Webber/Rice musicals is that they make these promo music videos.
CATS, Phantom, Evita have them and so does CHESS! Murray Head raps in the hit song from CHESS – One Night in Bangkok.

And the creators of CHESS were both in the pop group ABBA so it has that kind of fun feel to it. BTW this is Björn Nils Olof Skifs, who used to be vocals for the pop group Blue Swede.

Its so 80’s but I can’t help loving the songs! Gah how long have I had this album and never listened to it. Actually I have alot of vinyl but never listen to them because I don’t want to damage them, some are quite old!

movie time

I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN UP OR STAR TREK! wtf is wrong with me! Summer movies are starting to pile up. What have you guys seen? Whats good or what should I avoid? Tell me!

lostchildrenI’ve been wanting to watch this movie since I was younger and finally – I got to watch The City of Lost Children. The only true reason why I wanted to watch it was because of the cover art. You see, I’ll watch anything with a good or unique cover. But really the movie was just plain weird and hard to follow. Not sure if it was because the movie is French or if the story was too random but it was at least pretty and interesting. And Ron Pearlman (Hellboy) was in the film – that was cool!! Except he had a weird connection with some 12 year old in the film. Sometimes it was cute and then sometimes it was just wrong lol.

I had Kim with me for 3 weeks and then Kat stayed with me for a week after Kim went home. That means a whole month of sisters which was really cool! Oh and I won 2 free tickets to see Away We Go at a private screening. It was really cool to see it before it came to theaters! It was such a heart warming movie, with an amazing soundtrack. awaywegoYou’ll cry, you’ll laugh your ass off and afterwards you’ll feel just….warm and mushy inside!! Kat and I were so in awe and in good spirits. It had a quirky mood, kinda Junno-ish. The opening scene has Jim er I mean Burt under the covers going down on his girlfriend, making a statement that she “tastes” different downstairs, so she must be preggers! AND then she slaps him – cue title screen. Hilarious! Only problem is that another person who won tickets decided to bring her 8yr old daughter and was freaking out that there were so many curse words and sex jokes. Well lady, its 8pm and you bought your 8yr old as your plus one to a rated R movie? DUMB.

We also watched Drag Me to Hell but you can read Kim’s review on that, all in all it sucked hard. Kim also watched Angels and Demons – I really want to see it now and not just to feed my hot priest fetish. (Quills & Thorn birds really screwed up my image of priests). Don’t judge me.

Another one bites the dust…

Damn did Ugly Betty’s finale suck!! Anyway, I finally was called to pick up my copy of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the 2 disc special was on sale for 12 bucks!! AMAZING movie. Even my dad loves it! He claims its the most romantic movie ever!

Speaking of movies I love the Grindhouse double feature. I love their fake trailers they added to give the full vintage effect. Rob Zombie’s trailer is probably the coolest. Not only is his wife in the trailer but the coolest horror whore – Bill Moseley (who was also in Repo!) was in it. I wish this would be made into a real movie!

I need to go watch Angels & Demons and Star Trek. Has anyone watched either? Are they worth it…are they good? I am so worried about the FAME remake -__-; And why are they still allowing the Rocky Horror remake? Richard O’Brien should sue MTV.

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