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Easter Eevee Plush

Japan released the precious Easter Eevee and Pikachu plushes. I panicked looking for a shopping service to grab one for my kid. She loves her giant Eevee from build a bear and she has a 6 inch TOMY ToysRus edition as well. So I thought this would be a different and cute version for her to have.

I found a how-to guide from Nintendo Soup on how to order from Amazon JP from the official Pokemon Center. I ordered the Easter Eevee and in came in yesterday morning! The item costed ¥1,600 plus some shipping. Now if you try to find the item, people are charging up to ¥3,600 or more.

First off, using Amazon Japan was easy, Pokemon Center account shipped worldwide and use DHL express so only took a few days to arrive with up to the minute shipping info.

They packaged it well, and the actual product was really cute. It is made really well compared to the other Eevee plushies Vera has. The color is a light, pastel brown and the detail work is really nice. The plush is a bit smaller than I thought sitting smaller than the 6 inch TOMY ones but he is pretty sticky which is nice!

I handed it right to Vera or Poogie as we call her and she squealed. She doesn’t really talk just yet but does baby babble and exclaim alot. She hugged her new Eevee and yelled “EEVEE, SIT!”

Threw me off but it was so adorable!! I wish I took a video of the moment.

Geeky Pen Pals

Have you guys ever exchanged letters with a pen pal? My sister’s post about writing to a friend made me want to look for a new pen pal. I had a scrap book pen pal a few years ago and we became moms around the same time. We now keep up via social media so not much letter exchanging.

A few years ago I started a visual kei/jrock blog pal group on a websites I used to run. We had about 300 people signed up and I would have to figure out how to set people up by favorite groups and age. It was alot of work! I thought about starting something similar to that up again but with something more boarder like geek fandoms.

I went searching online and found a group like this already existed, and they had been around for awhile.

The site is called International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club or IGGPPC for short. I just signed up, and was recently paired with another girl. I’m also involved in a card swap with some fellow geeks!  I’m pretty excited to see how this goes, I might not always be able to write other ladies as often as I like but sending out happy mail will be awesome. I have also been working on making my own stationary. We’ll see how this goes! Do you guys send snail mail?

Edit: here are my first letters I sent off! I also included sailor scout charms!!!


Randomly the my excoworker from the last post got me this hat when she went to Disney Land a few weeks ago. I always ask people who go to Disney World/Land to bring me a hat back and no one does. But she did ;o; I know my last post had a lot of anger but I am going to miss her.


I love this Polaroid Maker thingy. And I love this season, weather gets colder, halloween movies start to air, costumes, candy and cheesy monster mash music at the grocery store. Love it. Last night I stayed up so late watching scary movie after scary movie! One that I never watched and really liked was The Amityville Horror (remake version). One remake I actually liked more than the original. I love having FEARnet on demand XD. Hard to imagine that I have had this blog a little more than a year. Its definitely time for a new layout on here.

Speaking of layouts, Kii and I made a new lj community for layout challenges. Our first challenge is a Halloween Challenge.So join if you like making layouts!

Also Onicon is coming up – I feel kinda nervous for no real reason ><;

hello again!

saulbassI’ve been sick ;o; all freaking week, actually going on week 2 of sickness ><; I’m still coughing like crazy – and I have boogers *picks nose* .-. did I share too much ? Since tv sucks during the summer I have been watching shows online. Weeds, Nurse Jackie, True Blood, and thanks to Emily, I’m starting to watch Mad Men! Vintage marketing is so amazing! I really look forward to see who their client is, how the address the marketing problem and who Don fucks LOL Their opening scene/theme song is amazing! Reminds me of Bass’ poster art for Vertigo! Really sexy and slick!

I’m kind of a horror film buff and I have been itching to see Halloween II – anyone seen it yet? 😮 Halloween is coming up but this year we will be at Oni-con for Halloween. So worth it if we get to see born live so thats going to be fun!

Whoa we are busy busy over at Crazed-System! We’ve been posting like crazy for the 7 deadly sins challenge! Speaking of CS – Kii now has a blog/graphics site now!! Visit her site & look through her shiny graphics!!
Addicting song at the moment. Something is really cute for a vk band like D=OUT to go and do covers!
D=OUT – Rouge no Dengon (from Kiki’s Delivery Service!)

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