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Remembering Lennon

Ever since I was a young girl my parents, especially my dad has en-grained in me what good music is. I truly was born in the wrong era because as a kid I never ever was able to understand or relate to music that was “trendy” or popular at the time. I was the kid who watch THE WHO’s TOMMY, The Yellow Submarine and The Labyrinth at such a young age. Movies that perhaps not many my age understood or bothered to even watch.

Today is the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He died in 1980, before I ever was born, before my parents even met – before mom even was in high school, and yet his music speaks volumes to me. To this day I can’t listen to Imagine, Julia or Beautiful Boy without feeling some sort of sinking emotion in my chest.


I thank my dad for passing down his taste in music to us.


I totally didn’t update last month – I suck ;o;!!! The fall was so busy with Oni-con, Thanksgiving holidays and now work has picked up. The last 3 days have been draining on me!!!


Since I didn’t talk about Halloween here is a quick review. Went to Oni-con and saw born and Satsuki live. Both were really good, especially born. The band were really aggressive and stage dived. We got to sit down and interview both Satsuki and born one on one. Probably one of my most nerve wrecking moments. I was scared. But both parties were fun and totally different. You can read the interviews here. We are having give aways and the prizes are signed Satsuki and born items.


Speaking of Shattered-Tranquility…Addy and I did a full redesign on the site. I think it has a more professional look – I really love it haha.

Thanksgiving came and went. Even though I don’t eat turkey I usually like Thanksgiving because we have really nice dinner for the holiday.


What else? OH it snowed yesterday! It rarely ever snows in my area so it was cool but I don’t really own a nice coat so I was cold ><;;


Anyone doing anything cool for Xmas?

Would you Nomi…?

He came from out of space
to save the human race…..

August 6th was the anniversary of the death of Klaus Nomi. Another brilliant man who died too young. Why is it all the people I admire die so young! He actually had a very sad death – he was one of the first celebrities who died of AIDS at a time where no one knew what AIDS were. They called it the gay cancer and his friends thought they would get the illness if they were near him so he died alone in a cold hospital. He was a pastry chef, and a trained opera singer who was told to not sing so high but he said fuck it and created his own persona and style of new wave music. He even worked with David Bowie! By the way I love Bowie’s jawline when he sings – its so weird!

There is even a movie about his life, its in 11 short parts on youtube but worth it. Kinda makes you dislike his friends though. You can watch it here.

OKAY for something less sad! I got 2 free tickets to see The Collector before it came out at the cinema, actually a few months back I won 2 free tickets to Away We Go and now Houston Press sends me free tickets to movies every now and then. Not sure why. ANYWAY…I took my shiny Emily! It was actually a stupid movie – no plot no story. Just random gore with weird cgi spiders which made me and Emily laugh. There were some really gross parts that would make me giggle but as I scanned the theatre to see reactions I noticed people were cringing so this made me wonder if I a huge weirdo. All in all pretty bad and fucked up movie so don’t believe the reviews about the bad guy being the next Micheal Meyers -______-; Its late and I hate that I have to be at work early tomorrow!

P.S. my blog is officially a year old~!! After the 7 DEADLY SINS Challenge I should make a new lay eh?

music of the night

Thank you for the birthday comments/emails etc on here, facebook and livejournal!!
So for my birthday, mom got me tickets to Phantom of the Opera! It was a great production, Phantom was a bit whiny and cried alot but it was really a¬†beautiful¬†and powerful production. I was a ninja and secretly took a few set pics before and during intermission. The overture was really magical!! I’ve been in such a musical mood as of late. CHESS and Phantom have been playing on my ipod nonstop.


My birthday was nice and simple – went to work, coworker bought me lunch, they ordered a cake for me and then we went out for drinks. We actually went to a couple of bars…I think I like lounges/bars much more than clubs. I basically had 3 different bday cakes/desserts. Its weird having your 24th birthday especially during the work week.


I finally got my graphics site with a new layout AND started a new layout challenge! Its going to be hard…7 Deadly Sins. We already had our LUST lays posted yesterday and WRATH/ANGER layout is due this coming Friday – Aug. 21st!

Oh I am loving Kaya’s Opheila! Reminds me of Schwarz Stein days ;~;

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