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Miyavi Live!

In April I went to a concert with some of my favorite people. Miyavi’s 4th time in Texas I think, I always miss his lives so I am glad I got to finally see him! Miyavi was extremely energetic, he spoke alot of togetherness – “that even though the world seems so negative and scary, we need to stay together”. He never actually said anything about politics but I think he was hinting about some current events. Either way, it was nicely put and the crowd was wild for anything he was saying. So wild, there was a mosh pit starting near the left side. My friends and I were able to get center pretty easily but more and more people were pushing to get to the front. I definitely felt my age, standing after 2 opening acts before Miyavi. So, the mosh pit…Miyavi noticed the mosh pit was starting to get slightly violent and he stopped the whole show and spoke to all of us. “What is going on? Come on, we are all here to enjoy the night!” Security took some dude away, I think he started the fight.

Man, its been awhile since I went to a Jmusic live. Some things never change, people still want to get close to their fandom and will do anything to get closer.


Miyavi’s newer stuff, in my opinion, is more about the skills and music than actual lyrics so he doesn’t focus too much on the singing and more on the feeling. I followed him since he was in a band and transitioning into a solo artist. Very proud that he has done so much on his own. I have more videos and photos on my Instagram!

The show lasted about 4 hours and afterwards we went to a diner to eat. By the time I got home, it was 2am…I crawled into bed and prayed that I would be able to sleep in the next day.

Miyavi coming back to Houston

Who knew that Miyavi would come back after so many years ago? I used to follow visual kei and jrock heavy back in the day. I even help create one of the popular vk news site back in 2006-2012. I fell out of vk after I got married but still went to local lives to bands who would visit Texas cons, like Nightmare!

I have some friends who are super excited about Miyavi coming back to Houston so and I just bought my ticket to the show! Its going to be fun!

I miss the old days when I knew most vk bands who were in the scene, now there are so many new groups who are way younger than me! I miss those old livejournal days, with graphics, music and all friends who wrote in online journals waaaaay before the coined term “blog”.

BRB – loading up my old vk playlists…



Anime Matsuri – Nightmare live

It has been a long time since my last con. I swore my farewell con was Akon 2011 after interviewing the band D. Yet I knew I should go to Anime Matsuri, Nightmare was the visual band performing. Ni~ya is pretty shiny, the con was in Houston – I had no excuses…I HAD TO GO!!

Audio was a bit muttered at first but Yomi’s vocals were pretty amazing, shocked me how good he sounded live! The band was over all fun and so energetic! So glad I ended up going!


This video made me happy today though.

Hideko made me pretty happy too, thanks for helping me not feel too crazy XD;; AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO KAT! My youngest sister turned 17 today omg! XD

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