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2012 in review!

I know I am late but really wondered if I should do a year in review since my 2012 was mainly wedding planning. Anyway I did one for 2011 so why not try to continue with the tradition!

NEW JOB – after 5 years at my job, I quit and was hired at a different firm! AMAZING so far!

Beginning of the month we had a huge scare. My dad fell 12 feet and really hurt himself, he had to have surgery and wore a brace for most of the year. I am so thankful he is doing much better and back to being my crazy dad!

OK in March I was buckling down and starting the wedding process! With the help of Kim – we did our photos for the Save the dates!!

My boss threw this huge engagement party! We sent off our Save the Dates! Jody turns 30!!
ap1 ap2

Kat’s bday! I went home and cleaned out my closet to find my epic crayon collection lol

My camera from 2003 died ;o; I started the construction of ideas for my wedding invites.

My birthday gift to myself was to finish and send off all of my actual wedding invites- done!
july1 july2

My parents’ cat Kozi was brutally mangled by 2 boxers. We rushed him into surgery and I am happy to report he is living a normal life. Just with a much shorter tail.

My dad and soon to be hubby went suit shopping!! My dad is such a hoot! Also we all got 3DS….es? Handhelds!!! Gameboys whooot~
sept1 sept2

Everyone was asking where I wanted to honeymoon and I had no doubts in my mind. DISNEY WORLD! OH YEAH – I also got married on the 27th!! WHOOOOT!
oct1 oct2

Came back from Disney and lots of street passes from the airport and parks. Had Thanksgiving with the parents.

Finally my first Christmas as a wife! Parents got me a new camera!

Year in review: 2011 Edition

I figured since I didn’t really update much in 2011 I SHOULD try and do a year in review thingy – mah thingy! I need and will update this blog more in 2012 – because I need to document wedding ideas and progress and I need to actually make use of the hosting/domain costs I spend every month *dies* XD;;;;;;;;;

OK Here we go! Click below for the full post!

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