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Pop Shops Houston

This weekend was amazing, Mind-Speaks (my design group with my sisters) went out and did our very first workshop at Pop Shop Houston. We made over 1,600 cork discs for some stamping fun. If you never checked out Pop Shop Houston, be sure to check out their site over here. They really did put together an amazing craft and design fair! I posted the DYI tutorial over on

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gingerdude nicecouple
em&jon banner veragirls

New craft table

Our home was made in 1992 so our layout is a bit old school, meaning we have a dining room, formal sitting room and family/living room. Lately we have been using our dinning room as an office so finally we thought about it and decided to turn our formal sitting room into a craft/shared office room. It is open and connected to the dinning room so we needed to keep it clean and organized. Right now it is a work in progress but my husband asked what kind of craft table I wanted and said something like a kitchen island table. I am super short but wanted something taller so I can stand and cut and use tall stools on the table. Here is what my husband put together at around 100 bucks! All IKEA and Target!


Slowly our house is becoming more of a home. It is amazing! I just wish I had more time in the day to create in my new space. Hope you guys have a great holiday weekend!

Birthday + SMASH Book

Soooo I scheduled a few wedding vender meetings a few Saturdays ago…not realizing that Saturday was actually my birthday! I think as we get older our birthdays aren’t as exciting. When I was a kid I remember I couldn’t sleep the night before my birthday in anticipation of my party, seeing friends and of course presents!!

Last year I quit my job of five years and I have certainly grown alot since then!! I have a even BETTER job as a designer for a hude land developer in Houston and having fun trying to get things done for my wedding!

Okay back to my birthday – I turned 27 on July 14th! As I went from vender to vender, each one had some sort of cake or brownie for me, it was really sweet. My dude and my dad got their wedding suits tailored and I spent the whole day with my parents, sisters and my dude! It wasn’t a normal birthday but I got alot of wedding things done and had fun!

My youngest sister made me lemon cakes with fresh strawberries for my birthday. AMAZING!!! The girls also got me a new purse, Beatles tshirt and classic horror dvd collection!

Thanks to my great family for a nice birthday!

Second part of this blog is about my obsession with SMASH book! I posted about it a few days ago, its like quick – messy scrapbooking!!! I only started a few pages, I have never been very good at scrapbooking but this is really fun. The second image is an envelope string enclosure I made with an eyelet setter and bakers twine!

Does anyone else scrap…or smash?

Save the Dates

I told you guys I was going to show you my Save the Dates! I just posted the invites over on, for those who don’t know – Mind Speaks is a collab blog with my sisters. We three post monthly on different projects.

So May was my month and I decided to show my save the dates – my Canon Rebel XT (EOS 350D) just turned 10 years old and died right after taking our engagement pictures! Weird, I have had that camera since I was 17! It lasted so many years and was really my favorite item I owned. I am torn if I should repair it or buy a new one? So these pictures of the Save the Date were taken by my iphone ;o; I think I have to wait until wedding payments are over and I will get a new camera. ANYWAY – here are my save the dates. Hope you like them!

Outer paper was made out of Paper Bag, inside is printed on Soft White Cover and tied together with bakers twine. I also perforated the outer paper so guests could have fun opening the invite! My sister Kim sewed each one with teal thread!!! Amazing sister! My fiance and sisters helped me construct all 80 invites! So thanks to them for the hard work!!

Now, here is a preview of the wedding invitation I am working on. It is in the preliminary stages so it might change through out this week.

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