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Rock you like a hurricane…

THAT song is dedicated to my sister: Kimmy. Don’t ask me why she loves that song.

Anyway – last week started with this amazing rainy Monday. So amazing it actually flooded a lot of streets. I was told to go home early and to avoid flooding my car I was U-Turn queen! So many common streets to my house were flooded and I had to take different routes to higher ground. It was such a scary sight – so many cars died, water had risen up to car handle height. I saw people trying to get out of their cars by windows or sunroofs. I was fine but because of my crazy driving and all the washed up construction sites, a huge nail punctured my rear tire and had to be replaced -_____-;

Oh well – thankfully my dude wasn’t teaching the next day and he went to get a new tire. Damn crazy Houston weather! Speaking of weather, it is hot again! No more fluffy hats then???? This hat was at Hot Topic – I didn’t buy it but man was it cute but kind of heavy to hold up!

Friday night my dude, Kimmy and I went on a mini adventure to Petsmart – we saw the most lovely kitty ever! She was a fluffy calico! Now I am not sure if you guys remember our cats but I have a fluffy cat named Tomo and my fiancĂ© has a little old lady calico named Missy. If they would have mated they would have created this big pawed beauty! Kim posted more about her over here.


OK – now about work! New job is A M A Z I N G!!! Seriously can’t believe I endured such a chaotic office for the last five years of my life! The new office bought me a brand new iMac and all the software I need. Working on their new site is my first assignment.

Random post today….I know! What is the weather like for you?

Working for Domo Box

Almost 6 months since I left my job and things have been crazy! After 5 years going from intern, to full on designer to marketing manager has been one hell of a bumpy ride! And for the first time in at least 2 years … I AM HAPPY!!!! After leaving I got many offers so my fiancĂ© and decided we should start using a name to freelance under. He does architectural renderings and motion graphics while I do the marketing and print. We go by: Domo Box. You can view our work over on our site:

We finally got to work on a project together. It is for a restaurant/club called Hughes Hangar. We did print and video work. Please check it out!

Working on our own has had its ups and down…I have however taken a marketing director job. Working in an office again has me a bit nervous. I was invited to the company Christmas party and it became my debut to the rest of the company. So strange but exciting!

What else? OH Kim made Tomo a dandy bowtie collar.

A few things to catch up on…

If you’re just joining me on this odd venture let me go over a few things that I have not been able to update about here on my blog.

  • I am now engaged!
  • Got to sit down and interview the vk band D
  • I shall be 26 this Thursday~
  • I just lost my grandmother 2 weeks ago
  • And after 5 years of loyalty – I have finally quit my job!
  • What was that? QUIT?!!!?? Did I have a job lined up when I talked to my ex boss? NOPE! Am I CRAZY?!?! YES!! But seriously you guys, some of you have been my friends since college. Most of you remember back in 2007 when I first got this job. You have been through the ups and downs – my bitching about the hours – the lack of creativity AND even about the coworkers!

    Am I happy? I went through a roller coaster of emotions. I truly cried the night before my last day but it was something that needed to be done. After I packed up my desk and walked out – every coworker seemed to have started to talk shit about me. I didn’t do this on a last minute whim. I spoke to my ex boss about my concerns back in April when I first TRIED to quit. So what now?

    I went into panic mode – I haven’t even opened my doc file to my resume since I was in school!!!! Where did I even place that file….somewhere in the forbidden ocean of my external HD. Luckily word spread that I left my office and not even 7 hours passed when I was bombarded with calls. I got 2 offers – one was more a freelance side thingy adventure – the other is actually something more interesting that pays even more than my last job!! Catch is – I won’t be able to start for a few weeks!

    Thursday is my birthday – I’ll be 26 (old right?!) and wanted to start anew. New job, new life and a new blog layout! Check it out….pink! So not me ^^!

    Advice for the day: No matter what happens – don’t trash talk old employers. Even if they’re talking shit about me, nothing can be reversed so why try to change it?


    Randomly the my excoworker from the last post got me this hat when she went to Disney Land a few weeks ago. I always ask people who go to Disney World/Land to bring me a hat back and no one does. But she did ;o; I know my last post had a lot of anger but I am going to miss her.


    I love this Polaroid Maker thingy. And I love this season, weather gets colder, halloween movies start to air, costumes, candy and cheesy monster mash music at the grocery store. Love it. Last night I stayed up so late watching scary movie after scary movie! One that I never watched and really liked was The Amityville Horror (remake version). One remake I actually liked more than the original. I love having FEARnet on demand XD. Hard to imagine that I have had this blog a little more than a year. Its definitely time for a new layout on here.

    Speaking of layouts, Kii and I made a new lj community for layout challenges. Our first challenge is a Halloween Challenge.So join if you like making layouts!

    Also Onicon is coming up – I feel kinda nervous for no real reason ><;

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