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Hello 2014!

New year = new chores! We’ve been spending time decorating, doing yard work and just organizing in general! I want to really start decorating our house – we don’t really have much furniture and all our rooms have become storage rooms – ooops! So, I have decided that my new years resolution is to be more organized! Not just with house stuff but I’ve been really bad about blogging so I want to really change that! I tend to gather lots of ideas and stories to blog about but when I get in front of my lappy I forget and my busy brain goes off topic.

My sisters bought me a new notebook for 2014. I will be carrying it everywhere! I also want to redo the front page of


hubby-paul bravely blueshiny
freepeople boots pokemonplushies

1. My hubby and our friend Paul at a Houston Gaymers event. 2. Bravely Default demo done! I can’t wait for the full game! 3. Blue shiny nails. 4. Free People have the coolest packaging, this was their shopping bag! 5. BLUE DR. MARTENS! Totally a pain breaking them in but they are slowly starting to feel better. 6. Pokemon Plushies! Most of these were gifts we gave to friends for Christmas. I am glad we have so many gaming/pokemon friends!

OH, we’ve been taking Tomo outside! He loves pretending to be a wild kitty. Here is a video of him in action.

tomo3 tomo2 tomo1

Link Love: Paper Source labeled my wedding as one of their favorite posts for 2013. So very honored!

Tomo is 6

I adopted Tomo in 2007, he was only four months old and already had a little belly. Who knew this little guy would become such a huge kitty!!! I can’t believe he is already six years old!!!! Even though he huge – he still walks on me thinking he is a little kitten -____-; Trouble maker >Tomo-4 months

Happy Birthday to my funny furry buddy.

tomo1 tomo2

Who has a kitty? What is their name!? :3

Cat obsessed

OK we have two cats. My cat Tomo – is 5 years old big maine coon boy! He is a loveable, talkative but weird cat. When my fiance and his old lady cat moved in – it really stressed out Tomo. He was the only kitty for so long AND he wasn’t used to sharing me with someone.

Now, let me introduce to you to Jody’s (my fiance) cat. Her name is Missy and is 14 year old cat who Jody adopted from a wild cat shelter in New Orleans about 4 years ago. She was a mother to baby wild cats – she littered a handful of wild kitties helping endangered cats!! She is VERY loveable but over protective of Jody. She also is a huge lap cat and head honcho over Tomo. Even though she is half his size!!

Now they have become more lovey dovey towards each other so we rewarded them with brand new beds! We bought two different kind of beds not knowing which one each would like. I have dealt with my parents’ pair of cats with beds and both usually fight for the same one while there is one empty -____-; Sooo I was worried but to my relief they loved the beds and picked one to their liking. After a day or two later we noticed they actually started to share and switch beds. They are not territorial! It was really cute how they switch from time to time!!!

Random video of Tomo chirping while trying to get our attention outside of our bedroom.

So that is our family! What kind of pets do you have?

Hello there!

It has been awhile. I want to go over some things that have been going on in my life. Thanks to instagram for documenting most of my life in the last few months. I have been busy with wedding plans. Even now I am designing the wedding invites. I’ll show you guys my progress on the next post!

So we received lots of kitchen stuff from our registry including a waffle maker! So we woke up one morning and made a huge breakfast!!  <<–Click on the link to see the yummy-ness!

OH I recently went back home to my parents’ house to throw some old items away from my closet. While cleaning I found a box of mangled disney barbies, old outdated clothes and my box of crayons~!!! I got these back in 2nd grade – (1992ish time omg so old!) I would take these crayons everywhere!! I was….well still obsessed with color! I have lots of random stories about how when a crayon broke I would mourn for it and beg my mom to replace it…I was a weird kid. I also like things in a rainbow code – keeping the colors in order. Speaking of colors I have been obsessed with the Rainbow Twizzlers that are now discontinued. AMAZING COLORS!!!!

Our cats have been pretty spoiled as of late. They have been so whiny and talkative…and always want to come into our bedroom to sleep. But it is summer and its too darn hot to have fur balls in our bed!! It is totally unbearably hot in Houston right now – how is it in your town?!!?!? Are you guys surviving?

I want to give a shout out to my lovely younger sisters Kat and Kim. Kat just turned 19 and I am extremely proud of her. Speaking of proud, read Kim’s post about why guys can be weak over here.

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