Anime Matsuri – Nightmare live

It has been a long time since my last con. I swore my farewell con was Akon 2011 after interviewing the band D. Yet I knew I should go to Anime Matsuri, Nightmare was the visual band performing. Ni~ya is pretty shiny, the con was in Houston – I had no excuses…I HAD TO GO!!

Audio was a bit muttered at first but Yomi’s vocals were pretty amazing, shocked me how good he sounded live! The band was over all fun and so energetic! So glad I ended up going!

Craft Corner

My sisters and I run a shared blog together called Mind Speaks. I just recently gave it a face lift and new look. If you get a chance, please take a look.


Besides that Houston has been having weird weather, from foggy warm days to rainy ice cold mornings. The back and forth with all of this weird weather has made me sick – sore throat and runny nose. Gross. So I am home today, watching the winter Olympics and playing Bravely Default. If you love jrpgs then you have to get this game. I have been wanting something like this on the 3DS, and the art is amazing. My dude got the special edition that came with the soundtrack so we’ve been listening to that while out doing errands.


Anyone else playing the game? Add me on the 3DS/Nintendo ID thingy: Mijavera | 2020-1000-1087

Hello 2014!

New year = new chores! We’ve been spending time decorating, doing yard work and just organizing in general! I want to really start decorating our house – we don’t really have much furniture and all our rooms have become storage rooms – ooops! So, I have decided that my new years resolution is to be more organized! Not just with house stuff but I’ve been really bad about blogging so I want to really change that! I tend to gather lots of ideas and stories to blog about but when I get in front of my lappy I forget and my busy brain goes off topic.

My sisters bought me a new notebook for 2014. I will be carrying it everywhere! I also want to redo the front page of


hubby-paul bravely blueshiny
freepeople boots pokemonplushies

1. My hubby and our friend Paul at a Houston Gaymers event. 2. Bravely Default demo done! I can’t wait for the full game! 3. Blue shiny nails. 4. Free People have the coolest packaging, this was their shopping bag! 5. BLUE DR. MARTENS! Totally a pain breaking them in but they are slowly starting to feel better. 6. Pokemon Plushies! Most of these were gifts we gave to friends for Christmas. I am glad we have so many gaming/pokemon friends!

OH, we’ve been taking Tomo outside! He loves pretending to be a wild kitty. Here is a video of him in action.

tomo3 tomo2 tomo1

Link Love: Paper Source labeled my wedding as one of their favorite posts for 2013. So very honored!

2013 in review

I am trying to remember my year with doing these Year in Review posts. I did one for 2011 and did a quickie one for 2012 since I was pretty lazy after my wedding last year….oops

How was your 2013?

Rang in the New Year with my parents and sisters! Celebrated a full year at my new job!

My brother-in-law got married at Disney World!! My second time going, although it was condensed to just a weekend at the happiest place on earth!

My boss started Mani/Pedi Fridays at work!! Never had one before and I must admit, I am hooked! Also went to the Houston Rodeo with some friends and I started to play my first Monster Hunter game and I hope MH4 comes to the US.
mar2013 mar2013-2

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