Gypsy Danger

Mother’s Day has come and gone and I feel like every year we try to figure out what our moms want or need. My mother-in-law had a scottish terrier who passed a couple of years ago. She recently retired and is home all day alone while her husband is at work. I noticed on Facebook that the Houston Humane Society posted a Cairn/Scottish Terrier mix and my brain wheel starting to turn, could she be a new friend for my mother-in-law? This pup is a cutie – reminded me of Toto from Wizard of Oz. I asked my mother-in-law if she would like the pup and she excitedly said yes.

We have never been to the pound before – I’ve adopted a cat from SPCA but at the mall. The pound is pretty depressing, all the pups are barking or scared in the corner. Broke my heart, I wanted to adopt them all but I had to stay focus and requested the pup by her ID number they posted on Facebook. Actually I almost adopted a white husky but my husband reminded me of our cats ^^;;;;;; ooops

We had some one on one time with the Toto look-alike. We had some snacks for her and she was super lovable. Jody grew up with dogs and knew how to play with her. This might sound weird but I have never really been around dogs before. Strange right? Every time I encounter a dog I just get scared and avoid them, but this lovely dog was a smiley lovebug! Filed for the paper work and adopted her. We took care of her for a whole week – within that week I really grew to appreciate how dogs are different from cats. She would look up at us with so much love in her eyes! If you follow my instagram, I posted some videos of the pup near Tomo my MaineCoon cat. My mother-in-law named the dog Gypsy. My husband dubbed her Gypsy Danger (American Jaeger from Pacific Rim) when she bolted out of the car when we went to visit Petco.

gypsy6 gypsy5 gypsy4

gypsy3 gypsy2 gypsy1

We took a road trip to New Orleans and united her with her new mama and home. My mother-in-law instantly fell in love. Gypsy was super attached to my husband so we stayed with her a few nights to get her used to her new home. We miss Gypsy but my cat, who is larger than the dog – was in such a grumpy mood. He is back to his lovely self now that he is king of the house again. Perhaps one day we will get our own dog, for now it is nice that we were able to save this cutie and take her to an awesome home! Plus we can visit her when we are in town!

PAX South

PAX South took forever to arrive but the weekend was super jam packed and went by too quickly!! I was looking forward to road tripping with Ginger and my dude! Actually, my husband had never been to San Antonio so I was excited for him to see The Alamo and Riverwalk. I booked a hotel near The Alamo so every morning we would walk past the monument.

The floor show was awesome! We had friends who worked on some games so it was awesome to see their booths! We also met Randy Pitchford (CEO of Gearbox)! We are huge Borderlands fans and Gearbox people were super awesome to talk to. I also got to finally meet up with Cat, she is also from Texas. Short gamers unite!!!!
alamo randy catyay

angel athena gaiges

I also took some piccies of some badass Borderlands cosplay and if you follow me on Instagram I took a few pictures of some other booths, including Nintendo’s! Monster Hunter and Majora’s Mask 3DS.San Antonio was awesome, the first PAX South was awesome and I am looking forward to the next PAX.

2014 in review

Ok my annual: YEAR in REVIEW post! If you’re curious on the past annual reviews click on the tag “Review” or check out 2013, 2012 or 2011!

We started 2014 with a Mind Speaks redesign. Took a week to get all of the work organized on the site but it came out pretty neato! I won Houston Gaymers Favorite Female Gaymer! The voting happened at the end of 2013 but the award show happened in January of 2014. My husband and I have been part of Gaymers since end of 2012 and made so many besties! Every month we go to the 3DS night and play with about 50-60 gamers! Street pass heaven!


Pokemon XY came out so our friends threw a Pokemon party! Everyone made Pokemon type food so I made Poke Puffs! Took cream puffs and covered them with colored chocolate!

My craft room/office starting to became a reality! Hubby started to make me a tall island in our shared office. I love my work space and currently using the table as I type this out!


Hubby, Kim and I went to Anime Matsuri to see Nightmare live. Since I stopped working with a visual kei site I haven’t been to any vk lives but I couldn’t miss Nightmare. I’ve been a fan since high school!


Jody’s birthday and the new season premiere of Game of Thrones! So we mashed up his bday with a themed party! I made cupcakes with family crest banners! I also got him a cake from the pastry shop that made our wedding cake!


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Merry Xmas

A tad late. I want to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!! Over the last few years I have made awesome blog friends and so happy to find other like-minded bloggers who share video games, graphics and other nerdy things! This break I have been catching up on sleep, video games and reading blogs!

One thing I am loving is seeing all my friends who have gotten Nintendo games, 3DS handhelds or even given out game stuff to other friends!!! I hung out with Em (my bestie) over the break and great minds think alike – we gave each other Nintendo eshop cards. She has been wanting to download a skin/3DS theme on her dashboard so I figured she would be more inclined to do so if she had an eshop card. So our gifts canceled each other out…lots of laughter and hugs!


Before Christmas, we went to our friends’ white elephant and the best thing about partying with a room of nerds is that EVERY gift is nerdy in some way!! Best white elephant ever! My husband won a Totoro bag for me, and I won Pokemon Alpha Sapphire on the 3DS. I haven’t started the new/old pokemon game yet since I’m still obsessed with Fantasy Life.

For actual Christmas I’ve gotten many awesome gifts but one that stands out is from my husband – he adopted my favorite animal from the Houston Zoo – Smaug! He is a komodo dragon and every time we visit him I get this overwhelming feeling of wanting to hug him – now I can in plushie form! I have an awesome husband!!!

My youngest sister has graduated college with her degree in pastries and baking! It was an emotional and happy day, super proud of her! She started working as one of the pastry chefs at an upscale hotel.


We actually had a Christmas tree at our house! This is our second Christmas at our home and I promised my dude we would put up Christmas decor up! I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas but really loved having Christmas lights and a tree up!!! I’m getting soft in my old age.

I finally upgraded my iphone to 6 and I finally went to the eye doctor for new glasses, bright teal Kate Spade glasses.

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